Your Spiritual Journey Course

Your Spiritual Journey is a 12-week course held twice a year on Zoom.  Whether you are already on a spiritual journey or just commencing; this course is for you, it will help you to:

  • know your soul destiny – you will receive your Soul Plan
  • Go into a deep meditation within 3 seconds exercise to create an easy & effective meditation practice
  • Get into a daily habit of meditating
  • Use mindfulness exercises that get your mind in the moment within seconds to develop an easy mindfulness practice
  • Develop a daily Mindfulness Practice
  • Overcome your limiting beliefs and blocks and eventually your ego
  • Overcome your losses
  • Energetic exercises to raise your vibration
  • Chakra Cleanse Clearing
  • Find your preferred practice for awakening – different ones will be shared for you to practice
  • Maintain the ‘new normal’ state after awakening
  • Be part of a group with the same spiritual goal to raise your energy and focus and connect with your true essence

Karen’s Spiritual Journey

I have been meditating at my local Buddhist monastery for years and have undertaken several spiritual courses. I have tried several ways of becoming enlightened and have had enlightened (awakened) experiences on two occasions but I couldn’t make them last.  Having an enlightened experience (freeing yourself from your chattering mind) is the easy bit (once you find the tool or exercise that works for you) what you are not taught is that is hard to maintain that state and prevent yourself from slipping unconsciously back into the mind chatter and identification with person, which makes sense as we have been that person, with that chattering mind, our whole lives, so it is a well ingrained habit.

NOTE: Although I am using the term of ‘becoming enlightened’, in reality it is just a case of noticing what is already there, when we can get our mind out of the way.

When I had my third enlightened experience, I was determined to maintain it and I practised several things (all in the course above), that helped me to maintain that state of awareness, or in reality (as we can’t be in that exact state all the time as it changes over time) to easily step back into it, and the more I did this, the more things changed.  Becoming ‘enlightened’ (free from the suffering of our minds) isn’t a one off event, there are several stages you go through after your enlightened moment until you reach a new normal; where you feel joyful, and become the observer of your mind, not unconsciously having your mind driving you.  Some of the stages that happen after your awakened experience, before you reach the ‘new normal’ awakened state can be problematic both emotionally and in your external world, and the objective of this spiritual course is to prepare your mind to lessen, or prevent, the problems of the stages and to have the tools to maintain the ‘new normal’ as an awakened being.

The course runs twice each year and the next dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday 28th September to 14th December 2021
  • Tuesday 29th March to Tuesday 9th May 2022

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The cost of the 12-week course is £599 (which can be paid in instalments).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Silhouette of human doing yoga and where has scored seven chakra points