Women’s Circle

Do you long for a deep connection with other women who support you and don’t judge you?

Do you long to connect with your authentic self?

Do you want to overcome your limiting beliefs and blocks and have transformations?

Do you want to reignite your Feminine Power?

Join my Women’s Circle – Ad Astra Sacred Sister’s Circle – held the last Monday of every month on Zoom.  The cost of the Circle is £12 and can be booked via Event Brite here

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Throughout Karen’s circle I felt so beautifully held, it was as though Karen was holding my hand and guiding my way. Karen is such a grounded and loving feminine leader who has a powerful arsenal of skills, knowledge and experience that she draws upon. I highly recommend being in circle with this beautiful soul and experiencing her circles and leadership. They are truly delicious! Sharlene.

To sit in circle with Karen is like a spiritual roller coaster! She will ensure you’re grounded, safe and, secure before she takes you deep into your being. There she will help you identify your shadows, face them, acknowledge them and then bring you back to the light to clear them. If you get a chance to take the ride with Karen take it! Sara.

I had the great fortune to be in Karens circle and cannot recommend her more highly. Her many talents with mediations, mindfulness and visualisations all help you process your darkness and bring you safely and compassionately back into your true authentic self. Do not miss the opportunity to be in one of her circles, you will not regret it! Resmina

Today I was guided through a powerful experience with Karen. She led me through an array of emotions and deep inner work in her circle today! I highly recommend and admire the leadership and softness that was offered! If you have a chance to work with her, do it! It is worth it! Kyle

Karen I loved sitting in circle and being guided by you.  I really enjoyed the practices you offered us, helping go in deeper and still feel safe. Looking forward to more circles. Paolo.