Spiritual Coaching, Classes, Course

Are you already on a spiritual path? or ready to start on one?

Maybe you have just started noticing your thoughts.  That our mind drags us from one activity to another, keeping us doing, and you have discovered that there is another mode: being.  Being in the present moment.

Maybe you are noticing synchronicities, or you know who is going to ring you before your mobile rings, or some of your dreams actually come true.

Maybe you’ve even seen strange things.

Where ever you are at, if you want to learn more, share your experiences with like minded people, develop a spiritual practice, or want to become ‘enlightened’, you are in the right place.  I provide classes, courses and individual coaching, to cater for your preference and your pocket:

Spiritual Development Class £12 (Fourth Thursday of every month on Zoom) book here via Event Brite

  • The class contains mindfulness exercises, meditations, raising your vibration, grounding yourself, overcoming blocks, developing your intuition, and space for sharing your experiences with like minded individuals to develop a spiritual practice, or deepen your existing practice

Spiritual Coaching £90 (for one hour session)

  • One to one Spiritual Coaching to guide (and fast track) you on your spiritual path.  Contact me here

Spiritual Course £599 (12 Week Course)

  • A 12-week course of in depth spiritual development.  Further information here or contact me here

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