Soul Plan Reading


Soul Plan Reading Session

Would you like to discover your life’s purpose and your Soul’s purpose?  Soul Plan reading can be done in one session (via Zoom) and you will find out your life and soul purpose, your challenges, your goals and your talents – the latter you can use to overcome your challenges, which will help you achieve your life and soul purpose.

It is based on two ancient systems derived from the numerology of your birth name and Sefer Yetzirah.

If you’d like to discuss more about a Soul Plan Reading, please message me via the  Contact Page and I will contact you.  I look forward to speaking with you and sharing this powerful and accurate information with you to help you get the most out of your life, and if you are ready also on your spiritual journey.

I offer a choice of two ways to discover your Soul Plan:

  • Soul Plan Reading plus follow up session £250 (which can be paid in instalments)
    • A one-and-a-half hour Zoom call for your Soul Plan Reading
    • you also receive your Soul Plan, personal Healing Affirmations and your personalised post-session report
    • A follow up one-hour session to overcome any block highlighted in your Soul Plan, or that you are already aware of and would like to resolve
  • Soul Plan Reading and Three Coaching Calls £520 (which can be paid in instalments)
    • A one-hour Zoom call for your Soul Plan Reading and three follow up Coaching Calls to remove any blocks and to facilitate you to action your goals and be on track to achieve your life and Soul’s purpose
    • you also receive your Soul Plan, personal Healing Affirmations and your personalised post-session report


The Soul Plan was very accurate and thought provoking.  Karen was a wonderful guide through this process, very warm and easy to work with.  Antoinette, Dublin

I had my first ever soul plan reading with Karen last week!  Wow amazing ..totally spot on!  Karen was brilliant at explaining  all the pieces and how it works… incredibly accurate! …I also loved the affirmations she gave me to say ..very powerful!  I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in soul development 🙂  Rachel, Essex

Following my Soul Plan reading that Karen did for me, I was amazed to find that much of her assessment of my Goals, Challenges, Attributes and Emotions were eerily accurate.  I hadn’t often thought of how others might view me, so during the Reading I became much more aware of that bigger picture of myself and the world around me.  I’m now clearer on the obstacles I wish to overcome, and my intention to achieve my goals and objectives.  Thanks so much Karen for my reading, and I can’t wait to review my Soul Plan in a couple of weeks and several months into the future as a review.  Michael, London

Enjoying a loving and caring relationship with my 21 year old cat, who I’ve had since being a kitten, I know him well.  Karen gave a wonderful Soul Plan reading for him rich with validation of his personality, behaviours and the essence of him I could really relate to, made me smile and warmed my heart. The reading also brought further insights into the relationship between he and I and how he has helped me in life.  Our companion animals are far more than we often are aware of.  Understanding your pet, it’s personality and needs can help guide you care for them in the most effective way. Whether you are new to owning a pet, a long term companion or recently lost a pet I would highly recommend a Soul Plan reading by Karen for them.  Helen, Oxford

Karen reads your soul plan with a delicacy and kindness. She names energies in an objective manner, allowing space for them to land and see if you resonate with them. The Soul Plan’s power is making more conscious aspects of yourself that can reverberate through the weeks and months to come. Karen holds space tenderly and is conscientious in delivering your Soul Plan’s message ~ which is often amazingly accurate.  Katie, Scotland