Mindfulness & Meditation Class

Mindfulness & Meditation Class on Zoom every fourth Tuesday of the month 7pm to 8pm GMT £12 a class

In some cultures meditation has been practised for thousands of years.  More recently 400 plus psychological experiments have been carried out to discover the benefits of mindfulness and meditation and there are many.  In summary it can improve our mental and physical health.  It can reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain.  Personally, it has helped me transform my negative self-talk, a product of being bullied at age 8, into positive self-talk.  It has also given me the option to choose what thoughts to think, rather than my mind subconsciously dishing up it’s own random ones.

My fortnightly class will share:

  • easy and quick physical exercises and sayings to bring your thoughts into the present moment within seconds, or 30 seconds, that you can use at home, work or socially
  • an exercise to learn to get into deep meditation in seconds, to make your practice at home easy
  • the same meditation each class
  • and a different meditation each class on particular subjects the class may need

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