Recovery from Grief and Loss

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Twelve years ago my eldest sister died and seven months later my mother died.  I couldn’t find any help with my grief at the time but after my second sister died five years ago I found the Grief Recovery Method and it transformed both the most recent grief and the grief from 12 years ago.  I was able to get completion on the pain that had come with grief (which happened even when thinking of happy memories) to being able to think of my Sisters and my Mum with a smile and without the pain.  The Grief Recovery Method is not just for bereavement, it helps you move forward from any significant emotional loss.

Someone said (sorry, I can’t remember who) that there are no ‘new’ relationships; as we bring all our thoughts, memories, beliefs and yes grief into our next relationships.  Wouldn’t it be good to change that?

Throughout our lives we are taught to gain things; maybe pocket money for chores, an education, career, friends, a romantic partner, a house.  The one thing we are not taught is ‘How to deal with loss’.

Fortunately now there is real help.  The Grief Recovery Method was established by John James nearly 30 years ago in the USA, after he lost his child, and has helped thousands of people with any of the 40 or so situations that create loss.   Some of those situations are listed below:-

  • Job loss
  • Loss of romantic partner
  • Divorce
  • Death of pet
  • Death of loved one
  • Moving house
  • Loss of health
  • Loss of confidence
  • Loss of faith

The Grief Recovery Method is an action programme for moving beyond loss.  In being an action plan it differs from counselling, which reflects on what happened, whereas the Grief Recovery Method is an educational class that focuses on recovery by giving a step by step action plan to use to move forward and get completion on our loss.  It is the only Grief Recovery programme to be tested in a University – Kent State University, and to have been proven to work.

It helped me so much that I have become certified to run courses and help others, as I was helped.

I run group and one to one sessions via Zoom.  For a free initial chat, contact me via my contact page Click here to access Contact Page

The available programmes are listed below:

  • One-to-one Grief Recovery seven week programme on Zoom £420 (which can be paid in instalments)
  • Group Grief Recovery seven week programme on Zoom £420 (which can be paid in instalments)
  • Helping Children Deal with Loss seven week programme on Zoom – for parents or teachers £420 (which can be paid in instalments) – provided in one-to-one sessions, or a group session
  • Pet Loss Grief Recovery one-to-one seven week programme on Zoom £420 (which can be paid in instalments)

I look forward to meeting you and sharing the practical tools to help you gain completion on your loss.

See some of my client Testimonials below:

Testimonial 1

I cannot recommend Karen and The Grief Recovery Method highly enough.  It has literally given me freedom and myself back!  I recently went through a relationship breakup – it was sudden and unexpected.  I went from anticipating moving in together and at last sharing life with a loving man to facing being alone again. I was distraught.

Previously when I’ve gone through breakups I have had to give myself months if not years to recover.  In that time I would lean heavily on friends and be extremely low.  I really didn’t want to go through that again.  Karen gently but clearly took me into the heart of my grief in a constructive and open way.  I truly said goodbye and let the pain out.  Miraculously after working with her, something in me cleared.  The first thing I noticed was a feeling of energy.  Then hunger – I had struggled to eat much since the break up.  And I’ve been clear ever since. I can now look back on the relationship, acknowledge what it gave me and the good parts and see what was wrong and would never have worked. I am even grateful that it ended!
I’m even more grateful to Karen and this method for freeing me to be fully engaged in life again.
R from London
Testimonial 2
I was talking with a dear friend about grief.  My friend was telling me about Karen’s grief recovery method (PLEASE NOTE: the Grief Recovery Method is an established method, created by John W. James over 30 years ago and Karen is trained and certified to practice by this organisation) and what a life changer it was for her.  During our conversation, I admitted that I didn’t’ feel I deal well with grief.
Guided by Karen, I dealt, not only, with recent grief but also grief from many years ago, some of which I didn’t even think of as grief.  Karen’s method takes you on a journey that enables you to deal with grief gently and powerfully.  It most definitely worked for me.  I would most definitely recommend working with Karen.  Grief of all kinds can hit you where it most hurts and finding a way through it can be overwhelming sometimes.  Having a way to work through it is invaluable.
T from UK
Testimonial 3
A friend recommended Karen when I mentioned that I was struggling with a relationship where the other person wouldn’t discuss issues that had come between us.  I was very sad about the change in the relationship and had no idea how to let go of the hurt and find a way forward.  Karen was able to help me with this in such a significant way, using a process called the Grief Recovery Method which is a remarkable technique and means that I no longer carry any hurt or ill feeling.
I had four 1 hour long sessions with Karen and through these sessions, Karen first explained what grief and loss are and she then helped me to work through the loss that I had been carrying for years.  I now understand that as well as grief being the feeling when a loved one dies, feelings of loss and grief can be experienced in situations where reality falls short of expectations or in situations where communication breaks down and one can’t have the conversation one would like to have.
Karen is very empathetic, kind and caring and so I found it easy to be open about what I was feeling.  This ability to make me feel at ease and her gift of being able to hear when I was speaking authentically makes her an exceptional Grief  Recovery Specialist.  I am incredibly grateful to have met her and to now also have the tools to be able to work through any feelings of loss or grief I might experience in the future.
K from London
Testimonial 4

Karen took me through the process of the Grief Recovery Method in stages, using her own personal experience to build up trust, making it easy for me to share my grief with her.  Having completed the process with Karen on three losses I feel like I have not only been released from the weight of some significant baggage, but also that I have some new life skills to go forward more lightly.

T from Hertfordshire

Testimonial 5

I contacted Karen a few months after the suicide of my husband as I was going through all sorts of emotions. from the very first session I felt a bit better knowing that whatever I was going through was normal.

Karen made me feel at ease and comfortable and I enjoyed my sessions. I ended up having the tools to continue with my life in the best way possible.
Nicky, Hertfordshire