Karen is a Spiritual Coach who loves learning, sharing knowledge, and facilitating transformations helping you to achieve your life and soul purpose.  She has a wealth of activities to help you with your transformations from her career in Training, Coaching, Mindfulness & Meditation Coach, Nutritionist, NLP Practitioner, Advanced Limited Belief Clearing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Soul Transformation Therapist, Soul Plan Reader, Women’s Circle Facilitator and Grief Recovery Specialist.

Whether you have blocks preventing you from achieving your life and soul purpose, or you are yet to identify your life and soul purpose, or have losses you haven’t got over, or are on a spiritual path to enlightenment and need guidance, you have come to the right place.

Karen is the Mother Archetype, so you will feel truly held and safe as she facilitates guiding you through transformations to reconnect with your authentic self and achieve your purpose, and to reignite your feminine power, or (for my male readers) your male power.

To find out about each service, either access them from the menu at the top of the page, or click on the service name below:

Grief Recovery Specialist – an educational programme to provide you with the practical steps to overcome loss

Soul Plan Reading – defines your life and spiritual goals and how to achieve them

Soul Transformation Therapy – helps you overcome blocks

Spiritual Coaching, or monthly classes to develop and deepen your spiritual practice

Women’s Circle – gain deep authentic connection with other women, yourself, overcome blocks and reignite your feminine power

Your Spiritual Journey Course – to guide you to enlightenment and through the stages beyond and to overcome blocks and losses

If you are called toward my services and would like to find out more, please contact me through my Contact Page  I look forward to speaking with you.

Karen’s Story

Karen was motivated to learn about how to manage the mind from an early age.  At age 8 she was bullied at school for the colour of her hair and her freckles which hugely affected her confidence. This led her on a lifetime of learning to retrain the mind and tame her diffident thoughts.  While first searching for answers she found the book ‘The Positive Power of Thinking’ which she practised and noticed over time that she had changed her thinking to a more positive state of mind, confirming to herself that we can actually make changes to the mind.  Nevertheless the lack of confidence was still with her and affecting her speaking up. She tried positive affirmations, but this still didn’t resolve it.  Later she trained in NLP and there were exercises that really helped (Visualisations with anchoring). Now she had tools that she could use when she was nervous, to change how she thought within seconds, and be able to speak up and also became a Trainer.  As she loved learning her study of the mind continued. Coaching helped, then mindfulness and meditation and hypnosis which all helped for long periods but the lack of confidence would come back.  Karen had a session in Soul Transformation Therapy when there was finally a shift which dissolved the confidence issue.  Her objective of studying of the mind changed along the way, from how to manage it, to how to overcome the mind and reach enlightenment. Karen has also lost four family members and these huge losses led her to the Grief Recovery Method which helped her overcome her losses, and she trained to be a Grief Recovery Specialist.  Along the way Karen has trained in all the subjects that have helped her and would love to be of service to you to assist in overcoming any losses, overcoming your blocks, reaching your true potential, and connecting with your true essence.

I look forward to working with you and providing you with the practical steps to gain completion on your losses, or help you to overcome any blocks, to help you identify and achieve your life or spiritual goals, or to guide you on your spiritual path. Karen x

Me, Rock climbing
Me, Rock climbing